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Seniors:  you shall be missed beyond words...

Quicknote (weekly memo): March 16-April 13 



  • ENDURANCE:  run, jump rope, bicycle, etc.  20-30 minutes:  three to four times a week

  • MOTION TECHNIQUE:  stand in front of a mirror and practice arm motions . . . especially angles.  Make up 8-counts of motions and work to hit them “hard” with no additional movement.  Add feet motions after you have perfected arm motions (such as:  low V, high V, low, high, clap, T).  Change up rhythm!

  • Step clap to MUSIC – work those facials!!  This is a PERFECT THING to do with your family!!   Make a game out of it!  Now they can see how it’s not as easy as it looks . . . can they do it for at least 20 minutes?  If so, you have a cardio workout going! 

  • YELL . . . not the kind when you want your mom to “bring you a towel”!  From your lower abdomen.  You can do this into your pillow.  Or convince the neighbor across the street to yell back and forth with you!  “I’ve got spirit, yes I do, I’ve got spirit, how ‘bout YOU?!”.  Send me a picture of this one, if you do it!  πŸ˜Š


  • Jump:  practice your “T”-jumps . . . 4 sets of 10 every day.  Then practice your toe-touches

  • SMILE . . .  just walk around the house talking and smiling . . . it’s great practice.




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