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CHS Pep & Cheer:  a timeless tradition

Nancy Mealer was hired in 1974 by Dr. Floyd Buchanan to run the Pep & Cheer Program at the only high school in the district:  Clovis High School.  She set trends and created traditions . . . Clovis High School Pep & Cheer became a competitive and powerful program.  A model program that set a standard for all Clovis Unified schools. In 1988 Nancy created "Supersquad" and won the district's first National Championship.  In 1989 Nancy handed the reins over to Stacey Schiro.  The program stayed strong, and traditions were upheld.  DeeDee Harmon joined the staff as Assistant Coach in 1998.  


The Clovis High School Coaching staff has a tradition of camaraderie and teamwork .  CCAA was created to help past coaches stay connected, most of whom return to the "gym stage" every January to help with the Clovis Pep Classic.  Members and past coaches include:  Wendy Karsevar, Dana Brown, Andrea Brazil, Pam Allen, Kendra Rogers, and Wilma Hashimoto. 

Nancy Mealer (far right) with her incredible family.

Traditions are created over time . . . and CHS Pep & Cheer has a number of them!

Who knew?  The stomping in the fight song can be attributred to team members not singing the word "blue" the correct length of time.  Coach Schiro stomped her feet to stress the counts . . . team members Lori Freijo and Kendra Rogers mimicked her . . . and the stomping has been a part of the fight song ever since!

We are very involved in community service and events.  From Macys Make Believe from Paul Mitchel makeovers (below).  

Life was meant to be fun, and we make the most of it!

2 Cities Marathon!

Kiwanis & Walmart "childspree" community service 2016

Our FAVORITE event:  mother-cheerleader jammie night in December!

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